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Outlander Icons #01


it´s been a long time since I´ve posted something.... More than 2 years. Life was kinda busy with many changes and - to be honest - I´ve forgotten this LJ. But for now I think I am back. I will not be as active as I used to be and I can´t promise that I´ll post often but I have fun again to create fanarts. Thank you Diana Gabaldon & Outlander ♥

Maybe someone of my f-list is still alive and watching?

Over the past 1,5 years I´ve read all available books (Outlander + Lord John books) and I am totally in love. It´s like the passion I had for McLeods Daughters all those years ago. While I was looking for wallpapers, I also found some LJ communitys dedicated to Outlander. And Starz shares a lot of good quality pictures so I decided to start my photoshop again.... And here we are ;-)


made in february/march 2017
26 x Outlander

Sing me a song of a lass that is goneCollapse )
Tags: &challenge, tv: outlander, type: icons

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