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mcleods daughters battle #08

After a long time I´m back on my own journal.... I´m sorry, I have no real new artwork for you. But after I finished a battle (in february...) I thought, now I have to post it. It was about the whole soundtracks of McLeods Daughters. In every set there has to be an abridgment of the song. Sometimes it was really hard to find a scene wich matches with the song, e.g. "Don´t Judge", "Love you, hate you", "the Siren´s Song" and "Sometimes". But others like "My heart is like a river", "Gentle, Gentle", "One true thing" and "Broken Dreams" were sooo easy :)

Please don´t look at the first soundtrack, those sets are weird. It´s all Gimp work.... Not till the 3rd soundtrack I was working with PS.

Partner: Kumura
Theme: Songs of MD
Steps: 42
Date: October 2008 - February 2011


8-Kumura-14_3 8-Kumura-27_5 8-Kumura-31_5
8-Kumura-34_3 8-Kumura-35_1 8-Kumura-37_1

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Last Post for 2010

I´m wishing you all a beautiful and happy new year 2011!
May all your wishes, dreams and hopes come true!

And I wanna say thank you to all those people out there,
which made this year so special for me ♥

See you soon in 2011 :)

With love, Karin